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moof's prattling


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grand moof tarkin
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  • dogcow+lj@babymeat.com
  • secretagentmoof
I had a truly marvelous biography all set, but unfortunately the buffer of this webpage is too small to contain it.

I have mostly moved to dreamwidth as secretagentmoof.
adhd, agf, alfred bester, art supplies, asperger's syndrome, babymeat, bacon, bad art, bebel gilberto, beer, blacklights, blue, body art, body modification, bonobos, booty, brain chemistry, brains, brian eno, burning man, carl jung, cheese, chiles, clocks, clothing, cloudfactory, community, contact lenses, corsetry, corsets, cosplay, culture, cunts, dada, david lynch, dreams, drugs, dyslexia, dysthymia, eiko ishioka, electroclash, etymology, eyes, fabric, fantastic plastic machine, fashion, flcl, food, futanari, games, geeking, gender, gender dysphoria, gore, goth, gout, hermaphrodites, holes, iain banks, iced coffee, iced tea, implants, introspection, japanese, joel-peter witkin, john varley, joseph campbell, jung, justified ancients of mu-mu, koans, ladytron, language, latex, leather, leri, lightning, lime, linguistics, lucid dreaming, lush, makeup, mariko mori, maya, medusa, metamorphosis, mushrooms, names, nemi, neon colors, netbsd, neurochemistry, nipples, nuclear physics, onomatopoeia, overanalyzing, pensiveness, people, perl, perverts, peter greenaway, piercing, piercings, pomegranates, port, postmodernism, rain, raspberries, red, red eyes, red meat, roger zelazny, rubber, sake, scleral lenses, scowling, shakira, shibuya-kei, sleep, spain, stevie ray vaughan, streams of consciousness, sublimation, surgery, surrealism, sushi, taking over the world, taoism, tarot, tea, techno, tentacles, thunder, tits, transgender, travel, vidoll, vindaloo, waist training, wanking, watercolors, weirdos, william wegman, wit, words, zen, zombies

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