grand moof tarkin (moof) wrote,
grand moof tarkin

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To read all of my friends list, I had to go up to skip=300. Sweet jebus!

Also, in case there wasn't any doubt that I'm a nerdling: Sunday, I slept from 4:30AM to 7:30PM; in one of the dreams I had, a girl on the "bad" wizard's side gave me a charm in the shape of a rubik's cube and told me to give it to my girlfriend; I took one look at it, laughed, and said "With the pattern of colors and missing cubelets, it's obvious that the parity is wrong, and it could never be unscrambled to the perfect state! This is a bad luck charm, why would I want that?" I think she may have been trying to flirt with me, but I was oblivious to it if she was.
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