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I was eating dinner at On the Border, gratifying a modicum of my texmex craving, when all of a sudden I got a whiff of a horrible chemical stench. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was somebody's perfume. I hoped it would go away, that it was just somebody walking by... but no. It was the woman sitting behind me, and I got a fresh whiff every time she shifted around in her seat. I was getting kinda nauseous, so I had to doggie bag nearly everything and take it home. That sucked a lot. (What was sorta gratifying/slightly nonplussing was that one of the waitresses there looked at me, saw my hair, and said 'Oh, you're purple now!'; I didn't recognize her, but she sure seemed to know who I was.)

Oh well, at least this Double Rainbow half-and-half White Pistachio and Chocolate ice cream is really quite tasty. Tomorrow I make queso to bring to the Fanime staff meeting.

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