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bunches of random crap

My father is fond of sending me office-humor sorts of things (about 10-20% of which involve some religious theme); today he sent me this wonderful missive on gay marriage. There's a slight cultural divide between him and me; my mom is also on the other side of that gap, as is probably my (lawyer) brother.

I've been meaning to post this link for quite some time, but have never gotten around to it: The Uncanny Valley. In short, it's the 'almost familiar' that's the creepiest. (This neatly explains why I come off as such an exceptional weirdo some of the time - my responses are off juuuust enough.)

Gah, what else? I can think of a million things to say when I'm not posting, but they all dry up as soon as I start typing. Um, I like cheese? Women with blue hair, periwinkle eyes (that don't blink) and a vaguely fetishy outfit look really amazingly good? The history of shaving your pubes? I've been told I resemble a marshmallow peep? Oh well, I'm sure in an hour, when I'm tucked in bed, I'll remember it all.


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