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lazy me.

I'm extra spacey today, so I figured I'd copy, fairly verbatim, some of the stuff I wrote down in my paper journal. It's pretty typical stuff for what I write down. Stuff in square brackets is my commentary, not on the original.

Sat 21 Feb 2004, TGI Friday's, 5:30 Carne Vales [this should actually be vale with a macron over the e]

Didn't make it to APE [Alternative Press Expo] today. Birthday party w/Kate [kaligrrrl] tonight in SF.
Jack/Kate is gooble-gobble, definitely.
    Monkey w/coconuts, dog making away with measurements [comments on MUSH stuff]
What would be the female equivalent of the giant phallic peppergrinders?
  Those who know 'gooble gobble' likely are one of us.[cf the movie Freaks, Tod Browning]
Dream last night: kept on 'vomiting' stuff out of my mouth: sushi rolls, candy, other food. Was at some amusement park where there were some actors dressed as monsters, some of whom were real cute. Kept on pulling this solid blue-green glop out, too.
  My dex in my left hand now seems quite good - I can do things like twirl spaghetti without much effort.
   It feels like I'm almost stuck in the dream state. Last night I recognized that I was dreaming but got caught up in it again. Interesting, it was. <Cute girl who looks like Sandra[friend from Ann Arbor] outside>
wonder what Kate's friends are like.
    Wtf do I want to write down that I'm forgetting? Still a little spastic, too. [When I get hyper, as I am now, my movements get a little jerky; it's probably not terribly noticable to anyone but me, though.]


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