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Looking North.

I've been thinking about moving north for quite a while. While I'm mostly happy with my job, I've never been terribly happy about living in the southbay. While sitting in the weekly staff meeting and staring out the window, and listening about the same old stuff rehashed for the millionth time, I got the strongest sense of unease about where I was that I've gotten for quite a while. Enough that I'm willing to (finally) do something about it.

I put my resume up on, and sent in an application to be a sysadmin at UC Berkeley (even though my job at U Michigan was pretty awful). The nice thing about my situation right now is that it's pretty stable, I have a month-to-month lease, and it's conceivable that I could still continue in my present job and live up north. (I love the people I work with; they're the best group I've ever dealt with. We kick ass. But I also sorta feel that I've done most of what I've wanted to do here.)

It would change a lot of things, though. I hope.


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