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die hausnesscocktailparti 11

After much delay and consternation, I finally made it up to the Houseness for the cocktail party around 11:30. Wow, was it crowded. Wall to wall people. Unfortunately, I was still too wound up from the day's irritations to really talk with anybody for the first hour or so - and a fair amount of the people had left by then, alas. It was very nice seeing all the well-dressed cute people with bright, shiny eyes milling about. (For the fourth year in a row, I failed to introduce myself to Laurel, too.)

Unfortunately, since my digicam is a piece of shit, I didn't get any pics of my li'l black dress from the party that aren't horrible and scary; of the pics I took at home after the party, the two tolerable (and mercilessly gimped) ones are here and here. Looking at the cocktail party pic of me from 3.5 years ago in comparison is... scary.


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