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I'm a little stressball, short and stout; here is my handle, here is my SUDDEN ABILITY TO IMPLODE!


Things that make me a crankymoof:

  • elderly Asian women who don't know how to drive.
  • lone passengers of gigantic vehicles who sit in the left land and go slower than the rest of traffic.
  • <mass-obscenity />C++ programmers and their <mass-obscenity /> spaghetti code that's <mass-obscenity /> impossible to trace properly
  • klutzing in the middle of Fry's, tripping over my own feet, and landing on the floor
  • taking a slurp of iced tea and finding out that the fartbrains have switched to the non-brewed,syrup from a bag, make the back of my throat ache kind.
  • discovering that my Treo PDA/cellphone somehow managed to completely drain its battery, despite it being charged up last night, wiping out anything I've put into it since the 25th.
  • having a stiff neck for the nth day in a row

Grrrrrrr. Sigh.


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