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I had a very calm, uneventful NYE; I stayed home, watched TV, and then slept for 11 hours. I also did a tarot reading.

The question I asked was "What should the people I know look out for in 2004?"

The short answer: don't second-guess and overanalyze yourself, your desires, and motivations. Keep a lookout for what's around you.

The long answer:

			2 Coins'				Page Cups'
                        (+ VIII, justice)                       (+Page Swords)

                 Knight Coins'
                 (+ Page Wands')                                Queen Swords
                                                                (+ 4 Coins)
X', Fortune             9 Coins                 0
(+ 8 Cups               (+XVIIII, Sun)          The Fool
 + Ace Coins)                                                   6 Coins
                                                                (+ 9 Wands)
                        Ace Cups

(' means the card is inverted)                                  6 Cups'
A pretty standard Celtic Cross layout and my probably non-standard interpretation:

The past and present
2P' + Justice + Fool + 6C' + AC + 9P + Sun indicate a whole lot of personal growth somewhat recently, particularly emotional growth, and in the end being much the happier because of it. Things have come back into balance, and new directions have been set. 6P + 9W indicate that there was a bunch of difficulty along the way, but other people have been kind in helping things along.

The future
PW' and NP' are signs of indecision, the need to cling to something familiar and concrete. X' + AP + 8C are the temptations to settle for what you're supposed to want in the world, not really doing what you're wont to do, and stifling the chance to see what's in store. QS + 4P show that (thanks to the recent growth) there's a whole lot of sharp self-insight, but that it can go too far and become loony.

This is borne out by the "answer" cards, the inverted Page of Cups and the Page of Swords. Pages are the bringers of messages; the Cups' brings excess, distraction, and lament, while the PS carries passion, drive, and seeking out the same. Together, they augur the overzealous pursuit of the inner self (as represented by all the cups) while being distracted by daily life (all the coins).

So, then. Don't go overboard with what you think you want, only to blind yourself to what's around you. Sinking into your own navel's a big temptation, especially when it's known and "safe". (Seems like relatively straightforward pop psychology to me.)

Also, this dress looks really really cool.


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