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moof's prattling


February 12th, 2002

My cretinous pigfucker neighbors. @ 01:35 pm

Current Mood: bitchy bitchy
Current Music: Low w/ tomandandy, Half Light end credit

The turds who live upstairs and directly over me do things like blast awful Indian techno all the time (usually 8pm-midnight or so) and have sex around 1:50am very noisily. The male twit also listens to weekday talk shows at full volume (so you can hear what he's listening to from outside.) I guess I'd describe him as an Indian fratboy.

Today, one of their cars was mostly-blocking my car (did they use their driveway space? Noooo!) and also playing something uninteresting at full volume. I started backing up very slowly out of my driveway, and I think I could have made it past without scraping his car - but the guy came running out in a hurry, turned off the radio, and moved his car. He looked at me kinda funny as I was leaving.

If I could have only gotten out by scraping his car, would I have? I really don't know.
I can only hope that my apparent disregard will have had him reconsider his apartment habits.

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moof's prattling