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(friends'ed as to not freak out the cow orkers who read my journal)
[edit: ah, screw it, all my cow orkers know I'm a weirdo anyway.]

I was gonna go to Kinky Salon this evening - but I also intended to finish the outfit I was originally gonna have done by the Folsom Street Fair. It's still not done, so I bailed to plan B.

I think it turned out OK; I found out that I still need work on my mad 3y31in3r sk1llz, I need a hell of a lot of foundation to balance out my kinda florid complexion, and that I should allocate a minimum of two to three hours for finding all the stuff I've misplaced and getting myself dolled up. By the time I was done it was 12:30, and I didn't feel like driving an hour up to the city, sticking around an hour, and then driving back. Oh well; it looks like the visual concept is mostly sound. (I look creepy as fuck in the pictures where I was attempting a big cheesy grin; it appears that I can't do fake smiles very well at all.)
[edit, 2003-11-24: here's the creepy fake smile.]

(For comparison, to illustrate how much makeup I had on, freshly scrubbed me.


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