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About a month ago, I was toodling down the street when a golden furry streak, oblivious to all around it, kamikazied right into my path. While I had jammed on my breaks and swerved to avoid him, he still caught my left bumper. I got out of the car, and an elderly woman was screaming "Bear! Bear!" and running towards me and the dog. "Bear" lay still on the ground, collarless and leashless, but when I felt his side to see if he was breathing or not - he blinked, got up, and started running in circles. The woman looked very relieved and held him and sobbed "Bear! Bear!" repeatedly - until Bear decided to lope off and run around some more, and the woman gave chase. I pulled over and parked, waiting for the woman to come back, but she never did. After about fifteen minutes, I shrugged, looked at the Bear-sized divot in the plastic of my bumper, and drove home. I was able to push the dent partially out, but the rest didn't want to budge.

A couple of days ago, I was driving to work on the freeway when I went over a bump and I heard a loud POP come from my car. After I parked, I didn't see anything wrong, so didn't think anything of it. However, yesterday I noticed that the bumper had almost entirely reverted to its normal shape, with only the tiniest of dents to indicate a canine had once been lodged there.


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