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an economy sized entry

Work has been seriously cutting into my LJ time, so here's a super-jumbo entry for the past few days.

jenicidal asked...

  1. Do you dye your "other hairs", and if so... lemme see?
    They're a wee bit too short to dye right now, but in the past I've colored 'em. Usually purple. They're actually pretty good to test out hairdye on, because they're even more finicky than the hair on my head. I'll keep you posted on the dyeing situation, and you're more than welcome to peek at my 'pit hair any time you like. (or were you talking about something else?)

  2. What are your thoughts on the recall election?
    I think it's a colossal waste of money... but also so ridiculous it's turned into high art. I'm pissed at the Repubs for pushing the issue; the partisanship has gotten amazingly fucking ugly. While I think Davis is a yutz, I'm still going to vote "no" on the recall (and vote for Bustamante in the candidates section.)

    On the other hand, it's made light of how ordinary people can get involved in the political process (ah, direct democracy!) If luck holds, it'll rile people up enough to get involved to kick President Motherfucker out of office in 2004.

  3. Have you ever cheated on a lover?
    Nope. I really like to know where I stand on relationships and so forth and get cranky, upset (and sometimes panicy) if I don't know where things lie. Secondly, it's a rare occasion indeed when the possibility of cheating even comes up. I ain't the most socially apt, am easily confused or oblivious when things ain't clearly spelled out for me, and am lousy at approaching people for relationships of any sort - much less becoming close enough to become somebody's S.O. (insert rant about gender roles in dating and sex here.)

  4. Where is the last place you illegally pissed?
    Urinating out on the playa during Burning Man was of dubious legality. However, there's no question about the status of the time in 1997 when I pulled off I-96 in lovely Plymouth, MI and meandered over to the shoulder of the road. Squat, dump, piss, the whole nine yards. I figured if I was going to do it at all I may as well go for broke.

  5. Why are men fascinated by lesbians?
    Ooh, a juicy one. Other than the obvious - that is, men are visually attracted to the wily she-beasts gyrating hornily - I'd say that the two other main factors are control and identity projection. There often seems to be an unspoken assumption that when two women are makin' out, that it's for the pleasure of and under the permission of the Man - who can step in at any time and take whatever tender flesh he desires. While women may fool around with each other, everybody knows that it's only a relationship with a mah-yun that really counts, is 'real', and so forth. Such delicate creatures really don't have the psyche to do otherwise.

    Then there's the identity projection aspect, the wish to become what you desire. You could become both of the women fondling each other, creatures of pure eroticism, culminating in pure unattainable ecstacy. (Women experience sex a zillion times better than men, btw.) You can also combine the identity projection and control; these days, women are very clearly in the driver's seat as far as far as initiating sex or relationships go. (At least, the vast majority of women I know and associate with are; if you haven't played the 'What's the longest time you've involuntarily gone without sex?' in mixed company, you should.) It's another aspect of control and power that adds to the mix.

    (Personally, I don't find lesbians kissing to be particularly interesting. Then again, a fair amount of men aren't averse to the idea of Their Woman makin' out with another woman, while being utterly aghast at the notion of them making out with another male. I don't get it.)

You know the drill: comment and say "interview me!" and I'll think up five questions to ask you. (Or hell, if you've got five questions burning in your gut to be asked of me that's fine too.)

Crap, it's gotten rather past my bedtime, so I'll make the rest of this short. My 31st birthday was happy all around. I got to eat dinner with Cat and Numa and Chris and Jarek, tag-team style: one person had to leave, the next would show up. Got some ultra-nifty gifts, including a fabu bracelet that I'll have to get a picture of. Went home, took a nap, went out to the new "first thursday" monthly goth night at the Edge in Palo Alto where the music was quite good. While there, I saw someone walk by and thought "Wow, she has great hair. Huh, and she looks vaguely familiar. And so does her friend." As it turns out, it was the delightful Ms. Anika and Xerxes. Talked for a while, then went outside and ran into hektikat (who's going to have to try a lot harder to offend me, lest she not get the pendulum.) Much fun. That night I had a five or six part epic-length dream where there were such things as 'you can tell that the chick behind olivia and steve5 is going from gender IV to gender V by the fact that her eyes are turning darker and her pupils are enlongating sideways', which rounded things out perfectly. All in all, one of the best birthdays ever.


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