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The Crucible Fall Open House


When: Open House & Fix-a-Thon: Saturday, Sept. 20, 2003 12pm - 6pm
Surplus Sale: Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 20 & 21 12pm - 6pm
Where: The Crucible, 1260 7th St, Oakland CA 94607

Admission: Free ; Fix-it services quoted on a per-item basis; Some items may take 2 days to repair.

~ Fall Open House ~

On Saturday, September 20th, the quarterly Open House fires up hot Hot HOT!

Want to learn all about the fire arts? Every corner of the 47,000+ space will be active as artisans demonstrate how to weld, cut and form metal, work glass, and fire clay. Expert faculty will be on hand to answer questions and to share their tricks, tips and techniques.

The Open House is a festive, family-friendly and educational event where you can learn all about the fire arts and see industry in action. Bring the kids: We'll have special activities just for kids, including performances, projects and popcorn!

~ 3rd Annual Fix-a-Thon ~

If it ain't broke, don't fix it...
but if it is broke, bring it on down to The Crucible!

The Crucible's Annual Fix-a-Thon is your chance to breathe new life into those prized possessions that need a little love. The Crucible invites you to bring in broken items (furniture, jewelry, castings, etc.) and let us fix them for you!

If we have the resources to fix it, we'll quote you a reasonable fee, guide you to a fix-it area and connect you with a professional on our fix-it team. While we're hard at work a-fixing, you'll be free to roam the studio and enjoy the Open House, browse the Surplus Sale, or get active with some hands-on metalworking!

~ Bonus Surplus Sale ~

Stop in and check out the industrial-grade materials and machines that have been appropriated for a second life as unique materials for art. Rock-bottom prices and a wide selection ensure that you'll be able to find lots of intriguing items to call your own. Sale starts Saturday and continues on Sunday.

~ Full details at:


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