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moof's prattling


February 4th, 2002

The end of the Weekend from Hell. @ 04:07 pm

Current Mood: uncomfortable uncomfortable
Current Music: Underworld, Cowgirl (original mix)

Later on Saturday (when I posted my last entry), I found that my cellphone, while being able to receive clearly from almost anywhere in the apartment, is much more particular about where people can hear me. The signal strength meter alternates between two bars and zero bars. wtf? I also ended up swallowing the replacement barbell I had, so there's a 3/4" piece of acrylic down in my stomach somewhere. Between gimping around the apartment and not being able to go out and looking at the abominable shape the apartment was in, I got really upset and depressed. It was fun trying to go to sleep with an ankle hurting like fuck, too.

Sunday, things were better. My ankle hurt less (I guess the ankle brace was doing the compression thing properly), and I had some left over rattan that worked OK as a makeshift cane. That made gimping around a lot easier. I went out briefly for lunch, just so I could get out of the fucking apartment, and then came back home to watch the Stupor Bowl with my upstairs neighbor Dan/Numa, who has one of the whizzier audiovisual setups I've seen - the 40" TV, the Dolby Pro decoder, the whole nine yards. The Super Bowl game itself was actually pretty exciting, and the half-time show with U2 was good. The outright jingoism at the start, with all sorts of "Go America!" and military propaganda was disconcerting, however.

Today I woke up with my ankle being 'uncomfortable' rather than 'painful' as long as I didn't move it around. Made an appointment to see the doc tomorrow; I hope he won't give me The Lecture - he knows his stuff, but tends to be firmly of the "I am the Doctor and you are the Patient, so don't ask too much" sort. I haven't had any of my prophylactic anti-gout meds since August (as the prescription ran out and I would have had to go to the doc to get it represcribed), so he probably won't be overjoyed at that. I've lost about 20 lbs or so since I saw him last, which ought to mollify him a bit.

As for right now, however, I'm kinda antsy, can't concentrate, and really don't want to work on stupid user problems or exciting things like "Vancouver wants to do things gratuitously differently than the main office because they're sensitive about their turf." Sigh.

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Date:February 5th, 2002 01:31 am (UTC)
glad you're doing better and seeing the doc.

; )

moof's prattling