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Two dreams

Saturday, I slept in until about 3:30. I dreamt I was talking to a psych, and he said "go like this", posturing in a certain fashion. I tried to move the way he was holding himself, and he said "no! not like that!" and I realized he was actually talking about mental posture. I then put my mind into this weird state, and he said "ah, that's it." After I woke up, I tried going back into that state, and it's sorta weird. Dunno what it does, if anything. Very strange.

Last night, I dreamt that I was in Chicago, looking up into the night sky, and being astounded by this gigantic super cluster of stars, really close together and very bright. It almost looked like some sort of molecular diagram than stars. A bit later, I was in Berlin, sitting at a cafe with someone who was halfway between aerinys and Katrina Flener, someone I knew from high school. We talked and flirted for a while, but I was greatly confused because I alternated between knowing her too well and then not at all. This was especially strange because IRL I don't know either of them that well.


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