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I'm now in the first place I've ever lived where I've had good cellphone reception. 95% of the stuff I'd immediately notice if missing is now here in my room, and I have an orgy of shelving all around me. Last night I served grilled cheese to people at the Temple of Atonement fundraiser, because Bianca loves them (and you!), and tonight there's entirely too much crap going on and it's already eight o'clock. Eek.

Here's the secret to assembling IKEA Ivar shelving: Screw one arm of the crossbrace into a side unit, around halfway up. (Hint: brace your shoulder againstone end, and then hold the screwdriver facing you, and pull/turn the screwdriver that way.) Put in two sets of shelving supports on both side units, and put in shelves. Screw in the free arm of the screwed-in cross brace leg to the other unit. Screw in the remaining arms. If you've already done this before, go ahead and immediately use three of the four old screw holes - but you'll probably have to create a new fourth one.
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