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I've not been having a great week, bodywise.

Yesterday, my foot felt like the ankle wanted to crack, but was mostly OK. Then last night, it started to hurt a bit more so I tightened up the support on my boots.

And this morning, I woke up to MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PAIN. I can't really stand on it. I can't put much weight on it at all. I've taken some ketoprofin and put kwan loong oil on it and tied the ankle up in a towel; betwixt the three, I hope that soon I'll feel better enough to go hie myself over to the drugstore and get a compression bandage so I can do any of the four zillion things I was gonna do today.

(A brief rhapsodic aside about ketoprofin: it's the analgesic of the gods. Tylenol does literally nothing for me, aspirin a little, naproxen very litle, ibuprofin some good if I take four or five tablets at a time, vicodin makes me slightly dizzy but doesn't do anything for pain... but ketoprofin actually works for me, and works well. In the US, the only brand I've seen is Orudis KT. Spendy, but worth it.)

And day before yesterday the acrylic barbell in my tongue splintered into a zillion little bits, too. Sigh.

So for now I think I'll drink some Coke, perhaps try to nap, and if I feel better head up north to the Houseness later for flufferizing,


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