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random boring crap

On Friday, I went back to the tattooist to get the final touchups done. What I thought was gonna be ten minutes was more like 80. Ow ow ow. I can't tell any difference between the tat now and how it looked beforehand. (For comparison, here's earlier picture and the one from yesterday.)

Last night I was going to go to the Kinky Salon II, but I found out that all my 'fetishy' clothing was now too big for me and didn't look right. I paniced about about this for an hour or two, but then recovered somewhat and made myself up and wore the outfit I'd worn to a couple of parties. It was midnight by the time everything was done, so I took it off and just geeked for four hours or so.

Today I worked in the garden for a little while; it's pretty satisfying to turn over the soil and fling the weeds (at least, I hope they're weeds) against the wall. That's the dirtiest I've been in quite a while. Nothing like being descended from oodles of generations of farmers; I kinda doubt that any of them worried how their nail polish looked when done, though.

According to all the stuff I have written down, I'm gonna have a busy day tomorrow, and I may end up putting $3k worth of sheet latex on my credit card. Whee!


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