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my surrealist dream

I was sitting on the couch with my roommate, Phoebe, when I asked her "Hey, should I bleach your hair?" She said "Sure!", so I got out my giant bottle of developer and did that, and we sat down to watch Buffy. After the episode was halfway done, I asked her "Hey, should I dye your hair?" She said "Sure!"; I got out my giant bottle again and dyed her hair with a lovely beige dye, and then we sat down to watch more Buffy. When the episode was over, I asked her, "Hey, could you dye my hair?" She said "Sure!", so I got out the giant bottle for her. Halfway through, the towel she was wearing conveniently dropped onto the floor, but that didn't seem to bother us. We then sat back down on the couch to watch more Buffy, and when I looked in the mirror my hair had turned bright red.

Later, I dreamt that I was in the Tokyo subway - the same one as from a previous dream, but in a different section - and wandered around trying to find my way out. In one elevator I was told that I didn't really want to go to the floor for the button I had pushed, because that was for "adult services". I nodded and exited at the floor below that. I took an escalator down, and walked onto the beach where there was a fantastic view of the ocean and of the rest of Tokyo across the bay. In amongst the crowd I spotted four blonde women: weezyl, g_na, phoebek, and some other woman I knew in the dream; I don't remember who it was, or if it was a real person or not. I saw them and they and I were delighted to see each other; I gave g_na a big hug and told her how I happy I was that she had done [something I don't remember]. After that, I woke up and it was 3:30PM.

There was also some dream where I was in scuba gear swimming around in pools of lubricant, but I don't remember much of that one. None of this set off my "this is nutty, you're dreaming" sense.


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