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Attend, puny Earthlings!

:::::::::INCOMING TRANSMISSION::::::::::

Humans Beware... The first fundraiser four our Burning Man 2003 landing is upon you!

Friday, May 9th, 8:30 pm

Moons of Mongo presents,
Mission One: Intergalactic Hunks. An Evening of short and feature films saluting the galaxy's most superior and advanced male specimens.

Flash Gordon at 10:00 pm
Day the Earth Stood Still at Midnight
and other Sci-fi shorts throughout the evening. Doors open and shorts begin at 8:30 pm.

Artifacts and Oddities from our home world in a "raffle"

Scientific beverages and mysterious snacks.

A sliding scale suggested donation of $5 to infinity earth dollars would appease us. You will comply.

Your inferior human bodies may also require additional cushioning for sitting upon. Some seating will be available.

An earth ambassador has appeased us with the use of this location. Be respectful or be destroyed.

:::::::::END TRANSMISSION::::::::::

4001 San Leandro, enter in the last red door on 40th St. Oakland 261-7149

This earth location is in close vicinity to the "Fruitvale Bart" Space Station. Your human feet will easily mobilize you South West of the Station to San Leandro. The entrance to our earth settlement is on 40th Street.

If you will be operating one of your transport pods,you may fly your pod along the I80 Freeway and take the Fruitvale exit. Cruise at a low altitude down Elmwood Ave, turn Left on Fruitvale, then right on San Leandro.

Our scientific beverages may impair your feeble brains. Please operate your transport pods responsibly.

You will find ease in your journey. Even your puny human minds will comprehend.


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