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Grrr! Fucking webbrowser decided to crash on me as I was composing my entry. Grr grr grr.

I hung out with Phoebe for most of the evening, and then went with her to a party; I think it's accurate to say we were the best-looking/dressed people there. (The pictures failed to come out, naturally.) I got to wear my opera gloves and backless black velvet dress, which showed off my tattoo nicely; and speaking of...
slightly retouched pic
I think it shows off my child-bearin' hips even more than the last photo.

I got bored with the party in under an hour; most of the people there were way too aggressively young, and for the most part seemed to still be in the "parties are for DRINKING!" phase. They didn't mix, didn't really say much of interest, and didn't even seem worth the effort to flirt with. Get off my lawn, you damn kids! At least I got to dress up.

I start my new job tomorrow; I have to admit being excited about it. It'll be strange working again after a six month hiatus.


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