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tarot readings, round I

and now for my amazing high-wire balancing act... (be warned, I'm low on sleep so the explanation may be a bit less coherent than usual)

An initial I means "inverted". Major arcana are named (because older decks swap Strength and Justice and it's confusing enough as it is). Minor arcana: A-10, P=Page, N=Knight, Q=Queen, K=King; C=Cups, P=Coins (pentacles), W=Wands, S=Swords. Pretty standard celtic config, with an extra card for whatever it needs to be. I'm pretty much a novice, so take these with a grain of salt. There are no warranties, express or implied. These readings are provided "as-is"; no user servicable parts inside.

spikeygrrl's reading:

The long version:
5P, PC, 10S, 8P, Star, Justice, Chariot, W o Fortune, QW, PW; extra: I4P

For the past, 10S is indicative of some calamity (possibly by one's own actions, possibly not); juxtapose that with the 5P - impoverishment, barrenness - and it indicates that Something Is Missing. For today, 8P + PC indicate seeing your (previously hidden) circumstances all of a sudden in a very strong emotional message. It sounds like things can turn out pretty well: the Queen of Wands over in the "your feelings" location is indicative of the flowering of self, arts, all that good stuff; combine that with tidings of enlightenment (your Future is the Star), and things sound hunky dory - especially as the Chariot means there's a whole lot of intentional force of will behind it. What'll all this bring? Justice + PW + W o F = grabbing opportunity and using your inner force to achieve vindication and balance. the extra inv 4P is suspension of conflict and balance of forces, backing up the rest of the reading.

The short version:
Something oogy happened a while ago to keep you from being fulfilled in some fashion, and you've only just now realized it. Fortunately, opportunity is at hand to change things: your inner strength will bust on out, you'll achieve balance and fulfillment and live an enlightened life. Yay!

hireath's reading

the long version:
I4S, 2P, 6W, 8S, IQP, I judgement, temperance, AP, I moon, 3W, extra:the world

This one seems more enigmatic. 2P + I4S means something weird is going on, but something may be coming out of it. Some nasty fear was in your past, with some recent setback. Unchecked, it can lead to becoming real preoccupied with those things; this is borne out by inverted judgement, which indicates fussing over perfection or things unfinished. The good news is that there's a very definite way to avoid all that: there's a strong connection to the physical world (AP and World), and there are glimmerings of hope; 3W says that some long struggle will finally be dealt with.

The short version:
Nasty things have happened to you, with some more of the same right now. Things are kinda funky, and if you let it, you'll gnaw over the same old problems again and again. You've got some embers of hope lying around; fan them! Your connection to the world and everything in it will be strong and bountiful, and you'll achieve something you've wanted for a long while.

Whew. I think it's time for iced tea.


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