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moof's prattling


March 21st, 2003

mmm, shoe leather. @ 03:31 pm

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Someone Else's Journal(tm) had an entry that said
anyone who is in support of this war, or who believes i should "support the troops", please speak up NOW so i can remove you from this journal."
Here's my reply.
The way I see things, being "in support of the war" or not is a false dichotomy, in that it really doesn't address the issues involved terribly well. I don't know of any people who disagree with "Saddam is a bad, naughty person" or "It would be nice if Saddam were out of power." Whether war is an acceptable solution to it is very debatable, as is if it were better if it were a true multilateral action (instead of the US pushing things along and forcing everybody to go along with it.)

I'd have loved to see the Iraqis rebel from within and topple Saddam themselves, akin to what eventually happened in Peru and Argentina -but I think that's mostly academic at this point. I think that how Bush pushed the entry into war is pretty fucking odious, and I have loads of ire for Chirac playing right into his fucking hands by making it impossible - and thus, unnecessary - to have a tenable UN action. I have no love at all for how we got to the situation we're in, and am amazingly worried about having used up any and all goodwill the US may have had, as well as the inevitable fallout once this whole thing is "over."

I don't know if there's any sort of outcome that'll stem the ill will that's been created, or that would create a sane/peaceful/beneficial/etc gov't in Iraq. I'm quite happy that people are protesting the war en masse - while Bush may try to brush it off, he certainly can't ignore it. Robin Cook's resignation speech (and its reasoning and morals therein) is one of the finest I've heard.

All that said, I think that if we were to pull out now things would end up being worse than if we had never gotten involved - and for that reason alone I must very reluctantly support the war, so the thing can be finished, unlike what Bush the Elder did.

It's nice to have read your journal.

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Date:March 24th, 2003 06:03 pm (UTC)
Yay, moof! This is precisely what my stance on the war has been since last week.
I didn't have anything to add--just, it's nice to share a viewpoint with somebody whom I actually respect.

moof's prattling