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Something I never ever thought I'd do: during lunch today, I not only used high school geometry, but I had to work out the half-angle identity. It was required for this problem: I'm gonna be building gears out of plywood. For n boards put together end to end in a circle, how wide do the boards have to be to draw an unbroken circle of radius r?

And now to combat one form of geekiness with another, answer the following five questions using lyrics from only one band. (The band: Lush.)

1. Hey, how're you doing?

I feel so lucky sometimes
I sit down and I listen to my friends
They say more than the empty words that pass my way
And I feel so lucky sometimes
I've got a feeling I've been here before
I can see the world for what it really is
2. Okay. Now how are you really doing?
I remember when
I was younger I thought
the answers were locked
in people So I
admired the ones
whose lives were a source
of envy to
people like me
3. What's your problem?
You feel like I do
Like the whole world's forgotten you
And your life is so dull and predictable
Your room seems like a cell
And you don't sleep very well
And your friends only talk to point and to mock
And to ridicule
4. What do you feel like doing?
I've been waiting on the slide
Suggest I open wide
No incentive to hide
Happy coursing through my veins
5. How's your love life?
Only children sometimes comprehend
Loneliness can often be a friend
Have to shut yourself in
Don't know how to begin
Telling it to someone
Who doesn't fit in
I suppose it's not such a wise idea to use gloomy shoegazer bands to answer this meme. :D

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