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I've been fairly severely depressed today, with things like "dropping a 75% full open pot of hairdye onto the bathroom floor" not helping. However, while eating lunch at Happi House (all praise Wellbutrin for letting me do things like 'get out of bed'), the following happened:

I was sitting outside in the sunshine, picking at my food and scribbling stuff down in my journal, when out of the corner of my eye I see a small head stare out at me, and then duck down out of sight. Without looking up, I wiggled my ears when the head reemerged; this produced a giggle and another disappearance. Soon, there were three heads bobbing up and down; it appears help had been recruited. At this point, I had only one option, and I took it: I turned to the window, stuck out my tongue and put my thumb to my nose, wiggling my fingers about. This caused three shrieks to erupt, and the heads to disappear.

A bit later, a man and three blonde kids walked outside. The kids began giggling again, and the father said, "Sorry to let them bother you." I laughed and told him it was OK. He pointed to one of the two boys and said, "He says you have 'personality', and was wondering what you were writing about." It was recollections of Jr High, and I said as such; the dad said "They thought it was about girls or life." This prompted the kids to hop around, giggle, and make the stuck-out tongue gesture at me. The father smiled, started leading the kids off, and said "Come on, let's leave the man alone." As they left I thought, "Huh, I suppose I am a man, aren't I."


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