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moof's prattling


February 28th, 2003

my emo entry for the month @ 02:46 pm

Current Mood: okay okay
Current Music: Reel Big Fish, Take on Me

I'm not sure I remember ever being not depressed. More accurately - I think I may have been in a constant low-level state of depression from about age 2-4 onward. If this is in fact true, it explains an awful lot about my development.

In other news, this has been one of the suckier Februaries; I'm much relieved that today is the last day of it. Bleh.

And to end on a better note: I dreamt that domo-kun was the guardian of the portal between universes, but somebody had trapped him in a room with a door handle that his stubby arm couldn't get at. His comment upon being released was "Raaar!"
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Date:February 28th, 2003 05:23 pm (UTC)
Indeed, thank buddha this month is so short. Can't wait for it to be over!

moof's prattling