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I went to weezyl's birthday party at Buco di Beppo this evening, and saw g_na, bigbaldguy, cheezaddict, subtly_modded, and veevi, amongst many others. Rachel brought a BRANE! It was greyish-purple and had all the right squiggly bits and was properly brainlicious. (It was actually peach and watermelon, my two least favorite jello flavors ever; I nearly gagged on my piece of brain.) Much fun was had by all. Later, most of the people bopped on down to 26mix where gina and Rachel DJed. That, too, was quite fun. The driving home in the blatting rain and hydroplaning every couple of minutes was rather less fun. Still, the evening was fun and relaxing - things that were quite welcome, given how hectic things have been. I'm glad that February will be over soon.

A nifty LJ trick I figured out this evening: the quick way to go to a user's info page is to go to ; this works even for free accounts.


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