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blah, blah!

It looks like there's a worm spreading between Microsoft MSSQL boxen that is flooding the living fuck out of everybody's networks. Joy and rapture. Anyway...

Telemundo is showing a wacky vampire horror/comedy soap opera, "El Beso del Vampiro" (the kiss of the vampire) at 7PM on weekdays. It's dubbed in spanish from portuguese (it's a Brazilian production), so the lips are mostly in sync - except for the occasional time when they're nowhere close. While my spanish isn't great, the closed-captioning helps a great deal, and I can understand about 60-70% of what's going on. It's pretty engaging for a soap opera.

But best of all - they have logo'ed hotpants. They have T-shirts, too; to buy one shirt costs USD $3.20 + $32 shipping.

You can see the brazilian site about the show here, or an english-language writeup here.


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