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even more emotional turmoil

I was driving home from lunch when my mood decided to crash. Got home, wailed for a while, and then went out to try and be social - even passively - and to Do Something. Went do Dana Street, had some coffee, walked around and ran into the youdidit folks, went to GameScape to try and purchase Little Fears. I was so out of it that I utterly failed to mention that both Jamie and Sean were there, until I walked up to the counter. Asked them to order Little Fears for me, started driving home, and more sobsville. I don't know what the fuck is going on. The feelings aren't attached to anything, as far as I know - they're just there.

I'm not sure which flavor of depression I get is worse - this 'sad, lonely, tired and drained, impossible to get going, nauseously not hungry' flavor, or the 'dread, nothing is enjoyable, slightly not hungry, no motivation, detached feeling' kind.


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