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While in Chicago for Xmas, I got to go to the Art Institute, one of my favorite museums. While attempting to make my way to the Modern section, I wandered around the 1800s French section and got to see the old and famous Renoirs, Monets, Manets, Gaugins, and Van Goghs. [yeah, I know they're not all French, but they're French enough.] One of the things that confused the hell out of me was that people don't really go up close to look at the paintings. How can you see the brush work or the texture of the paint if you're standing ten feet away? You may as well just be at home and looking at prints. Van Gogh is one of the artists for whom seeing a print just doesn't do justice to the original. Lovely little swirls and peaks and crests. Mmm.

After wandering through there, I finally made it to the Modern section where I got to see my old favorites, the Dalis and Matisses and Miros and Picassos and Magrittes. Unfortunately, as I got there they announced that the museum was closing in twenty minutes, so I had to run around to see everything. I got to see the little blue dog, though.

Afterwards we went to the Parthenon where I stuffed myself silly with tasty Greek food.


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