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I give in to the fortune cookie meme

This meme comes via several people: take all the people on your friends list, make short comments about each of them, leave them unattributed, and randomize the order.

  • Eager and fun and actively doing your thing. Rah rah you!
  • Your heart's in the right place, but it can be too much.
  • Will you continue to be the ne'er-do-well, staying in your shady ways? I like you, but I don't trust you.
  • You remind me of somebody else, but I can't for the life of me figure out who.
  • Yay for random LJ connections!
  • So nervous, and still figuring your place, quite different from where you were.
  • The Furtive One; your life would make a great movie or role-playing game. So much hidden backstory!
  • Noble and striving; I wish I knew what you were looking for.
  • Smart and cute as a button; it'd be fun to hang around, I bet.
  • I don't see you nearly enough, dammit. Need to fix that.
  • You're very different than me in all sorts of ways, yet our tracks are vaguely parallel; the mutual friends we have are myriad.
  • You've shrugged off your albatross; now, if you can only get on with it.
  • I think your swings from extreme to extreme are being damped down. Thank god.
  • I really want to know what you're holding back.
  • I always giggle about the transsexual you dealt with, and your stunned reaction afterwards. Don't be so angry, OK?
  • While I'll disagree with your politics, I'm happy that you do something about them.
  • I'm so glad you've come this far, even when the going was godawful.
  • I don't know how you can stand living where you are.
  • I think I saw you peeking out one day, amused and uncertain.
  • Good grief, stop putting on the airs. It doesn't work, and makes you seem weaselly.
  • You've changed a lot, but I don't know what those ways are. Outlook cloudy.
  • I can never read anything you write without hearing a certain phrase echo through my head. Yay for perversity.
  • It looks like you've found your balancer, and I'm glad.
  • You always seem vaguely out of your element, no matter where you are. It's strange.
  • Depersonalization. It's not pretty.
  • Born a few years too late.
  • Yay for spinning the wheel and winning.
  • You seem real familiar (in a good way), even though I haven't known you for very long.
  • I have the same sort of problem you do. I empathize with you quite a bit, and hope to meet you someday.
  • You may be an insufferable and often childish curmudgeon, but you've certainly accomplished what you wanted to do - and we're all the better for it.
  • Quirky, with a good eye. (and great hair.)
  • Man, I wish I knew you ten years ago.
  • You don't know me, but I like what you've done. It'll be interesting to see where you end up in a few years. Keep it up.
  • You're just fun to be around, and utterly lacking in Drama.
  • You went away! You should come back.
  • So isolated; I hope school works out.
  • I haven't seen you for years. I have no idea what you do these days.
  • You're one of those people with whom I have little contact, but interesting things happen when you're around.
  • Such a strange bird you are; I'd like to know how much of being flustered is an act.
  • The glimpses stay etched in my brain.
  • I forget how I came across your LJ, but your distillation of the world is really neat.
  • Quite the mystery - no future, no past. Who are you?
  • I don't know how you got involved with this group of friends at all, since you have such a different background. The breadth of people I know stuns me sometimes.
  • I have utterly no idea who you are or how you found me; it looks like you do interesting work, though.
  • You take your reign too seriously, I think. You don't have to, you know.
  • What a strange and divided life you lead!
  • I quite like your penchant for the obscure, or what some (not me) might call lowly.
  • I can always count on you to be earnest. Even when you don't mean to be.
  • Your passions drive you more than almost anybody else I know; they give you tunnel vision at times.
  • Possibly the person most similar to me in this group of people. Hard to tell, though.
  • Yet another LJ interest matching person who doesn't post any more.
  • I ended up tripping your defenses a few too many times, and I don't relish the experience. You seem much, much happier and content these days.
  • You go where you will. That's cool.
  • You're just fabulous! and cute, too.
  • Your reticence is the opposite of mine. It's just as shitty to deal with, I suspect.
  • It's really cool when you get into your thing, and you're you. Doesn't happen too often, though.
  • There aren't any ironclad guarantees in life, no matter how much we want 'em. Know what you have.
  • More passionate than you want people to know.
  • You're not really there. Oh well.
  • Pompous, but fun to read.
  • I hope you find home soon.
  • A great sense of aesthetics, and the skill to properly realize it.

In other news, I had really grainy mustard at lunch. Bleah!


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