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lasagna of doooooooooom

Man, what a fucking pain in the ass. I suspect this is the last time I make a lasagna from utter scratch (save the pasta) for quite a long time. I started running short on sauce and ricotta towards the end; even so, Wisconsin should have subsidised the damn thing. It's cheese-rific.

BAGG was surprisingly fun last night; I danced for about an hour, hour and a half to songs squarely out of 1991-1994. I didn't even mind the elbows thwapping my arms all that much. There were quite a few impressive outfits there, very tasty eye candy indeed. At one point a little inebriated asian girl held up a flogger, pointed at me, and screamed "Do you want a spanking? Have you been BAD?" Naturally, I pointed my butt at her.

I also talked to AJ, whom I hadn't seen for three years; she utterly failed to recognize me - no big shock, considering I had lots more hair and weight on me last time I saw her. It's too bad that I could only hear about 30% of what she said over all the crowd noise.

I have to wait 40 minutes or so for the lasagna to finish cooking, and then I can go to bed.


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