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My dinner at Sneha.

or, miscommunication

I was stuffing my face full of Indian food at the local buffet place, when the silence becomes palpable and the conversation of the couple next to me becomes very very noticeable. (Not because they were loud - they were semi-murmuring and it was indistinct for the most part - but because their speech was so loaded with emotional cadence.) I couldn't really hear what the woman was saying - her speech was right in the middle range of hearing loss I've gotten from a few too many childhood ear infections and teenage concerts - but it sounded like a combination of exasperation and upset and wanting to be heard. The guy's speech, on the other hand, was pretty clear - he was speaking softly, high-pitched and had the passive-aggressive voice.

I didn't hear what they were actually talking about, but passive-aggressive guy said something to the effect of "A woman always sliced the end off of her thanksgiving turkey, and did this for many years. She always did it this way, until one day..." and the woman started interrupting him (presumably how she didn't want to hear parables or something) and the guy responded with "honey, let me finish my story."

At this point, I started actively ignoring them because I couldn't stand to hear any more - not only were they failing to get through to each other, but the guy obviously had remembered the story as something to repeat by rote - the story uses a HAM! How the FUCK do you cut a turkey in half without having to hack through all the bones? Not only did the guy completely ignore how the other person is feeling and responding to all of this, but he's just repeating some pablum that he doesn't even think about.

Dinner didn't sit to well in me this evening. Sigh.


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