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Hair is really really annoying.

I decided to trim my beard, and hair gets EVERYWHERE. All over the sink, all over me, clogging up the drain... yeech! And then it just grows back! The hair on my head was perfect about a month and a half ago - people were complimenting me on how it looked - but now it's just a wee bit too long, and if I get it cut, it'll be just a wee bit short, and then it'll look really good for about a week, and then it'll start looking shaggy and unkempt again. Bah! I'd like to style it once and then make it STOP.

This isn't even touching on the subject of body hair, which seems to generate even more controversy; on one of the irc channels I'm on, #/dev/gaf, discussions of 'body hair - yea or nay' seem to pop up every six weeks or so.

And this has nothing at all to do with hair, but is a general sort of question: how many people in livejournal would you continue to read if you had no (social) contact with them whatsoever? Precious few, I'd imagine. Heck, I find even reading most people's 'friends' listings to be kinda dull. At least on LJ people generally have something to say, unlike, which is nominally about the bodmod community, but is seemingly actually about 18-year olds complaining about how nobody loves them. Feh.

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