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yet another "what I did today" post

I finally got enough sleep last night, and had weird dreams about mice and elevators. Woke up, poked around the house for a while, and watched gaim crash horribly when phoebek tried to message me via Yahoo!. (It looks like I'm gonna have to fix the bug myself, since it seems to happen only with her client and me.) Picked up my art supplies box, and headed out.

I dropped off a bunch of clothes and other random crap at Salvation Army, ate an uninteresting lunch from Jack in the Box, and found the entrance to the bay bike paths that danaoshee kindly pointed out. Wandered around for a bit, sat by the lake (?), and drew blue-green snakes for a while with watercolors. I'm still trying to get the hang of them; I don't mix them well enough and frequently get air bubbles in, but it looks like I may one day be able to paint something that doesn't look like crap.

That amused me for a while, but I got kinda antsy and bored, so I wandered a bit more, and sat on a bench and watched the marshes sit there and the sun start to go down. The quality of light out here is much different than other places; the greens looked washed out and things were too yellow and harsh. Very strange.

I went back to my car, drove around for a bit following the shape of the bay, and found that the entrance I was thinking of was on Ampitheatre Road, and not Shoreline like I had thought. This once again proves the maxim 'don't go looking for hard-to-see things at night'. Got home, and cleaned for a bit, and decided that it was high time to do laundry. It was only six loads worth, but I decided to go to the laundromat anyway instead of waiting for the single washer and dryer in my building to free up. At the laundromat, I got to overhear some young kids espousing the virtues of consumption and corporate america, which was rather distressing. (They knew all the words to some talking Barbie song, and mentioned how they had to get home right now to see SNICK on Nickelodeon.)

I'm pleased that while my depression is still kicking in randomly, I was still able to get stuff done today and to concentrate on things for more than two minutes at a time. (I lasted up to ten minutes for some things! woo! arrgh.)


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