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no sköo for me.

I went to the SJSU campus yesterday, getting kind of eager to take classes to finally finish my undergrad work... and then I started reading things more closely. There'd be all sorts of extra lower-division courses I'd have to take, and possibly some required in-residence ones. There may or may not be a waiver, but the catalog went into no detail at all and just spouted some pseudo-legalese. Not encouraging.

Actually wandering around the campus was the clincher, though. The crowd seemed very young (like, up to twelve years younger, imagine that) and... kinda dumb. When I looked into some of the classrooms, they looked like they could have been straight out of high school. The tones the profs were using were (in a bunch of cases) clearly "down to" the students. I've been spoiled by being competent at what I do, and I don't know how well I could take that sort of thing these days. Looks like no (more) college for me for a while.

Looks like I'll have to start using the watercolors (and possibly start writing) after all. :)


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