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Some relevant background before I start rambling: this article on skyrocketing autism in Silly Valley, and an autism test. Sorry, there aren't any bright and colorful GIFs suitable for display on a webpage. I got a 27; mean score for control was 16.4, 80% perecentile of those diagnosed with autism had >= 32. Most of the people I talk to online have somewhat high scores. But anyway...

When I interact with people on a social basis, it just doesn't occur to me very often that there may be a subtext for anything other than just conversing about something factual or concrete - like, flirting, or chitchat, or the general sorts of 'getting to know you' bits of conversation that people seem to engage in. Similarly, I'm honest an awful lot of the time because it just doesn't occur to me to lie. (When I'm prepared to lie, I can do so just fine.) Perhaps an illustration is in order...

The setting: I'm at a rave, there are lots of comely young'uns with attractively dilated pupils, and people are happily dancing their little hearts out or sitting around and chatting amiably.

What would moof do?® TM (T-shirts available)

  • A woman with expansive pigtails is trying to hoist herself up onto a cloth swing in the midst of the psytrancers frugging away.
    What does moof do?
  • Answer: help her politely up, attempt to help her hoist her skirt's waist up a bit when she complains it got caught and pulled down when she got onto the swing (it wasn't), and say "You're welcome" and walk off when she says "Thanks!"

It's not that I'm trying to be unfriendly; I just utterly fail to recognize when people want to be social and talk (even about nothing.)


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