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they're at it again.

The engineers are yapping away again. They've been at it for half a fucking hour on and off. I can hear them over my headphones. It's always too cold in the office, it's bright but not bright enough and I have a dinner meeting at Denny's that I'm not looking forward to. Even battling traffic seems like a fun proposition compared to this; it's making moving up north to Oakland and working from home more in conditions I set sound more and more appealing, despite the lack of (non-insane) cow orker contact I'd have.

The thing that bugs me about that set of engineers is the culture clash. No amount of polite glaring nor 'Please go elsewhere to talk' seems to get them to change their behavior. They seem unable to take any subtle hints, and need a baseball bat to the forehead to get any sort of clue. Most of the people in this company are smart, intelligent, and nice; it's quite distressing to have a big bunch of cretins in their midst. It's no longer a small company I work for. Sigh.

On a more cheery note, I got my Dharma Trading catalog in the mail on Saturday. It's full of neato fabric paint and ready-to-dye clothing and stuff like that. Much cool stuff.


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