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Within the past week, two disparate social groups I'm familiar with have flared up with all sorts of whinging and drama online.

One of them had someone on IRC acting like an utter cretin and dork and getting ejected from the channel, with his girlfriend the next day getting all defensive about him and whining, "But he's so much different in Real Life! It's just IRC!" I've now heard at least four different people claim that it's OK to be an utter flaming asshole if it's online. That's complete and utter bullocks. I don't care if you're a genuine pope; to misbehave in a given community is rude and it's to be expected that somebody will take offense and call down their wrath. The particular medium this happens in makes not a whit of difference.

The other had one person lambasting another in LJ (after some party mishappenings, I gather) and blaming the world's ills on the latter. When a few people said that perhaps the berating was a bit harsh, the reply was "perhaps I was meaner than I meant to be." That's some pretty awful schadenfreude there, with a loaf of hubris on the side. If you want to constructively criticize, you have to speak in a fashion the other person can understand and deal with. Boasting about how you make people feel uncomfortable is just childish.

In other news: the frozen tazoberry thing from starbuck's is pretty tasty, and my little sage plant shriveled up and died. Wah.


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