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moof's prattling


June 27th, 2002

random stuff @ 06:12 pm

Current Mood: busy busy
Current Music: Public Image LTD, This is not a Love Song

Last night, I managed to cut my lip with a rotary shaver. I have no idea how the hell I managed to do this. Ow!

I also had coffee with phoebek last night at the cafe by DeAnza. The ceilings were nice and high, but that means completely awful acoustics, people's jabbering echoing everywhere. They have outside seating and are open until 11, though.

I also have to go back to the art store to get some matting and glass so I can finally frame and hang my lithograph of Edvard Munch's The Voice.

The litho I have is darker, furtive, and sorta creepy, but feels more emotionally charged to me. I'll photograph it once I have the thing hung up...
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moof's prattling