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moof's prattling


December 16th, 2001

whee. @ 05:01 am

Current Mood: content content
Current Music: Mighty Dub Katz - It's Just a Groove

I went to a rave in Oakland this evening at the Noodle Factory; it was quite the nice time. At times the music was good enough that I was able to dance, which was quite pleasant. (It's a release I'm not able to have that often, since my musical tastes are so damn picky.)

Unfortunately, I've had the SAME SONG in my head ALL DAY, "It's Just a Groove" by the Mighty Dub Katz (aka Normon Cook, aka Fatboy Slim). It's a nice catchy tune with about 16 notes in the main hook. Too bad it won't GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

I think I'll rant about how oblivious I am later in social situations, because right now I'm tired and going to go to sleep. (That's where I'm a Viking!)

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moof's prattling