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what I did today

a day in the life of me.
  • Woke up around noon
  • ate lunch with cow orkers at the 'cheap chinese' place
  • got stomachache from said cheap chinese food
  • updated various source trees
  • read lots of email
  • was unable to concentrate on anything much until about 5pm
  • bought ultracheapo printer
  • printed out legal forms
  • went to a cafe with zebramachine and geecat
  • bemoaned the fact that even in the summer, no cafes in the peninsula/southbay are open past 11PM (or precious little else, for that matter)
  • stared at that flash 6-letter scrambling game for an hour or two until eyeballs bled
  • went home, compulsively read more email
  • wrote this LJ journal, dread having to be awake in 5.75 hours for helpdesk duty

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