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arrrrrrgh! I hate it when I close browser windows, only to also close the one with my not-quite-finished journal entry. Sigh!

Because I don't want to write the same thing again, here's the quick summary: "Dunno if I wanna go to Burning Man this year because I just can't get into it." It seems like I almost never write about anything good or happy or nice in LJ - it's all "I don't like this" or "I'm grumpy. RAR!" or "Some super-duper contemplative thought that has a vaguely cynical hook at the end". (My friend Kevin drew posters of the superheroes me, him, and a bunch of other people would be - mine was "Cynical Duck".)

It's not that things are horrible or unpleasant for me; to the contrary, things are not too bad. While I have a gigantic laundry list of things I need to do, none of them are life-threatening or would land me in jail (unless I fail to straighten out my california 2000 taxes.) I guess it's mostly that the nice or fun things seem uninteresting to talk about, or inappropriate to mention.

This probably says something rather depressing and unflattering about my worldview. :D


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