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moof's prattling


June 7th, 2002

computer packrat @ 02:14 am

Current Mood: jubilant jubilant
Current Music: Social Distortion, Cold Feelings

I was looking through the files I've been lugging around from computer to computer since about 1993, and I was astonished at the sheer amount of crap I've kept.

While it was amusing to look at some of the old drek I had written or received, it wasn't worth the mental space keeping track of what was where. But now, they're gone. Ha!

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Date:June 7th, 2002 09:33 am (UTC)

I've kept all my personal e-mails since 1995, I just can't bring myself to delete them. It's amazing what you collect, but it's also amazing how much hard drives and such have grown. My stuff from 1995 could probably fit on a floppy, while a backup of cheryl and my personal data now takes 3 cd-roms, mostly due to backing up digital photos of Jellybean. Now we're eyeing a DVD burner since we're making more digitial video.

moof's prattling