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moof's prattling


June 5th, 2002

whine. @ 02:26 pm

Current Mood: bitchy bitchy
Current Music: The Violets, I Hate the Grateful Dead

I tried to go to sleep at a reasonable time last night, after getting damn little the night before... but I ended up dreaming I was on yahoo messenger talking about pork cutlets (not terribly restful) and then got awakened by some dork with a leaf blower right outside my window.

I then found out that the thing I spent six hours working on yesterday mysteriously broke. Tried fixing briefly, but then had to go to the doctor. Apparently, my kidneys don't filter as much uric acid as they're supposed to. Get to change medication and get blood drawn every month for a while.

Grrrr. At least the cold that was threatening to take root looks like it's being beaten down by my immune system.

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moof's prattling