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Looks like I started an entry in May, but never finished it. How time flies.

My sister had her first kid in May, so that's nice. She'd mostly given up hope of having any after IVF hadn't done anything, so quite the surprise for her. She and her husband haven't disclosed what their work situations will look like, but Mom has volunteered to babysit come September or October (as the practice where she'd been working for the past thirty-odd years is finally shutting down around then.)

Last night, the second person my age I've known personally died from cancer. "New normal."

The urge to GTFO Chicago is increasing. It's nice and all, but it's still incredibly midwest-conventional, and I miss having large amounts of freaks around. And while the city is great when it ain't winter, that's still five-ish months out of the year for now. (The S2 spreadhsheet in this PLOS ONE paper says that by 2050, Chicago will have roughly the same weather that St Louis does now - and St Louis doesn't get regular amounts of snow, so I'm told - but that's cold comfort in the short term, ho ho ho.) LA sounds like the most intriguing place right now, as the other places I would actively prefer to be (Berlin, Tokyo) have extremely difficult and possibly insurmountable logistical challenges (language, healthcare, other stuff).

I still don't know wtf I want to do career-wise, either. Maybe some combo of infosec/"the responsible adult" role, as classic unix sysadmin seems to have pretty much died from the combo of devops, systemd, and cloud computing. No certs and no direct job in that field, either, although in practical terms about 25% of my last job was infosec and infosec coordination.

A complete lack of motivation coupled with extra-heaping amounts of anhedonia is pretty much No Fun.

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