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grand moof tarkin

yet another dream

I awoke to find myself in Canada and as a skinny, gangly teenage blonde girl. This was a dark, spooky Canada, though; there were spooky eldritch things lurking everywhere. The ATM that appeared after the proper incantation that let you deposit and withdraw mojo looked interesting, but I didn't get to see it up close. I may have been a magical being myself, possibly a shapeshifter, but I spent most of first my time trying to find something decent to wear and to figure out how to get enough cash to buy a train ticket back to Michigan.

At some point, a werewolf started monologuing at me, talking about how werewolves were the only supernatural creatures accepted by society, mostly because they had such a long history in popular media, and because they could shed their animal guises at any time they wished. At that point, it switched to a video presentation showing the various types of werewolves (cyborg werewolf, virtual werewolf, old-school werewolf, witty and urbane Tex Avery-ish werewolf) and how various werewolves reacted when discovered. Some claimed it was just cosplay; some said it was shooting as part of a movie. One unfortunate said, "This is just a costume! Let me show you!" A voice off to the side said "oh no, man, don't do that, it's a bad idea" - but the first guy just closed his eyes, grunted, and concentrated. And what do you know! The werewolf head popped off to expose a baby head. "Seriously, man, don't do it!" warned the other guy, but after more grunting, the entire six feet lower body of the werewolf popped off to show the torso of an infant, followed by a triumphant "See! I'm a perfectly normal... baby...." before keeling over. At that point, the video presentation paused; an overlay appeared showing an internal diagram of the 'baby' and the werewolf body. All that the baby contained was the brain, about 100 cc of lung, and no other organs (e.g. a heart) or digestive system - all of those were still in the werewolf body.

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