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My friend Matt: is in town from Melbourne and crashing at my place for a few days. He and I and goldenmean and Dan went to La Fiesta and ate dinner, then went back to Dan's place and talked and gabbed and played a board game and gabbed some more. Dan kicked us out, and Matt and I wandered downstairs to my abyssmally messy apartment. He was impressed by the orange tree in the back; I still think it's sorta strange to live someplace where citrus fruits can grow.

Tomorrow holds for me the exciting lures of getting up at 9 to do helpdesk for four hours (ugh), lugging 3-4 liters of urine to the doctor's office for a creatine analysis (I drink a lot), and hawt Buffy akshun. With my eyes getting bleary from 3.5 hours of sleep last night, those don't seem so bad after all.


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