grand moof tarkin (moof) wrote,
grand moof tarkin

Related to the last post: I think I need to stop commenting on Facebook for a while.

People have been super up in arms about the Gamergate horribleness, as well they should be; nobody should get death threats for talking about video games, nor should they have to deal with all the misogyny and other sexist bullshit that's unfortunately part of everyday life. However, it seems that almost inevitably when people talk about it, they also get wrapped up with super-emotional arguments and start to define things in terms of absolutes. And asking about such brings derision, scorn, or outright dismissal. So, better to keep to myself, not try to contribute, and watch a few more logs get stoked in my crippling fear of interaction. It's not that I can't read emotions in people; it's that I don't know what the fuck to do when I see them, as my natural reactions seem to do little good.

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